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Relationships matter most. How are you doing in yours? Need help? Options for individual or couples coaching:

1. Intentions intensive. 3 session tune-up on your personal intentions. 

2. Spot check session for quick clarity: 1 session of Laser coaching.

3. Refresh your connections: 9 sessions over 3 months.

4. Living the Dream. Six month commitment for the complete package of in-person & distance coaching & email support. Together we create a 3 day intensive on Hawai'i Island-Kohala Coast. You come here. You find suitable lodging (such as Hapuna Prince or Mauna Kea Resort or Puako). I travel to your place for intensive integrative relationship coaching. Followed by 3x/month virtual sessions for accountability and motivation. 

Providing coaching virtually through phone and ZOOM or in person in Hawaii County 808-936-3733

The people I work with enjoy better communication, greater understanding of strengths, less tension and more joy that in turn models for others how to live a life of integrity, commitment, and compassion.

Specialization includes:

  • Marriage Coaching (blending Imago, Gottman, Schnarch & others)
  • Couples Coaching (offering PIP: power in partnership online relationship masters series)
  • Family Coaching (offering this by interview and in person services only)
  • Mindfulness Training (utilizing breathwork & body awareness) 
  • Addiction & Recovery (recovering from destructive patterns, including addiction to societal "norms")
  • Self & Other: Conflict Resolution (shifting from demonizing conflict to viewing it as "growth trying to happen")
  • Spiritual and Contemplative Practices (softening to the succulent sweetness of the soul)

Groups Offered, past and future

Couplehood: A New Way to Love 
For one human being to love another human being; that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us, the ultimate task, the final test and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke.

Couples learn skills necessary to realize their relationship potential and uncover the opportunities for emotional healing and personal growth. Statistically, happy couples live longer, have better health, earn more money, and feel more fulfilled in their lives than those who remain single or get divorced. Who we are at home creates who we are as a society.

Connected Parents, Thriving Kids
The goal of this group is to end the legacy of wounding and give parents tools to recognize they can make progress in the right direction. By focusing on upriver prevention vs. downriver clean-up we explore the notion of "good enough" parenting, cognizant of the guarantee that you will never be a "perfect" parent. Brain research from Daniel Siegel, M.D. Parenting from the Inside Out shows the importance of nurturance and connection: "I am in healthy connection to my child when I allow his/her behavior to educate me about what he/she needs from a parent who is willing to take charge." The relationship of the parents is the playground of the child. 

Just One Thing: developing a buddha brain one simple practice at a time
Using the work of Rick Hanson, we will explore the 52 mindfulness based practices designed to protect against stress, lift your mood, and find greater emotional resilience.

The Journey Toward Wholeness 
A great deal of suffering emerges from persistent and uniquely human attempts to control different aspects of experience. From the time we are very young, we are taught that we can and should control negative aspects of our experience. The underlying assumption is that one must feel courageous to be courageous, and that one must believe one can succeed in order to succeed. Thus, we learn to fight not only aversive circumstances but also our own reactions to those circumstances. Furthermore, we fight not only the present circumstances but also those that occur in our imagined futures and remembered past.

I have a holistic approach to wellness and focus in on the three main things, what I refer to as the ARC of Connection

1. Addictions Recovery (Including addiction to societal Norms)
2. Relational Healing (Relationship with self, Others, & Spirit)
3. Contemplative Practice (Such as yoga and meditation)

To bring one's full Self to the present moment so that he or she may be a force for good in the world

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