Certified Parent Coach Guiding Connected Parents, Thriving Kids

In my work as a Certified Parent Coach, I’m reminded that all relational health starts with healthy connection to Self. Healthy connection with Self starts with learning to accept yourself. This allows you to…

  • Maintain internal peace.
  • Say “no” when you need to and forgive when you need to
  • Express emotions without letting your emotions control you
  • Continually cultivate a purpose for living
  • Take small risks even when they seem scary and stretch yourself without breaking
  • Give very little advice, unless solicited, but rather encourage autonomy and ask “What are you going to do about it?”
  • Practice healthy care-taking techniques that allow others to take responsibility
  • Make positive choices about what you think, feel, and do by directing activities toward your strengths
  • Stay flexible
  • Meet problems directly rather than trying to avoid or go around them
  • Have both long and short-range goals
  • Stay connected to mentally healthy people

From this place we can be parents who are willing to take charge and be lovingly assertive. 

Benefits of Being Assertive

  • By standing up for ourselves and letting ourselves be known to others, we gain self-respect and respect from other people
  • By acting assertively and telling other people how their behavior affects us, we are giving them an opportunity to consider changing their behavior, and we are showing respect for their right to know where they stand with us
  • Personal relationships become more authentic and satisfying when we share our true reactions with other people and do not block others from sharing their reactions with us
  • When we stand up for ourselves and express our honest feelings and thoughts in a direct and appropriate way, everyone usually benefits in the long run

I work privately with families, either virtually or in-person for a three month minimum time agreement. Hope on my calendar for a laser love coaching call to see if it is a good fit.