Birthing Extraordinary Relationships with Self/Other/Spirit

Aloha, my name is Amy and I am a tender, powerful, generous woman. I believe in the power of a tender heart to enhance connection, heal old wounds, and move beyond personal/collective trauma and live an extraordinary life.

As a relationship doula, addictions recovery specialist and mental health professional, I'm here to serve and hold you high. As a sober woman of integrity who skillfully cuts through chaos of the mind, I will not co-sign on your misery.

The time is now to collectively move beyond confusion and lack energy into the spiritual abundance of the exquisite Realms of Resilience, Compassion & Service. Emotions of contentment, flexibility, openness, creativity, joy, appreciation, and responsiveness are yours to play with on this journey of wellbeing.

Join me as we aim high, dive deep & create extraordinary relationships with Self/Other/Spirit in order to be a powerful point of presence and light.