Services: Relationship Doula

Relationship Doula

Heart Health Coach

Wedding Officiant

My tender heart grows wiser by the hour. More and more, I “know” less and less. More and more I hear what matters most is the rhythm of a healthy heart which stems directly from the quality of our relationships with Self/Other/Spirit/Surroundings/Society.

My intuitive wisdom, years of personal experience and professional training, and the incredible healing power of Hawai’i Island embolden me to guide you and your relationships toward an experience of everyday enlightenment.

Marry (welcome and say hello to these):

  • feeling energized, loved, and loving
  • full spectrum awareness and deep listening
  • empowered and compassionate activism
  • communicating assertively and lovingly
  • shifting the drift of dominant culture
  • being the change you wish to see in the world
  • building stronger connections
  • feeling a deeper sense of worthiness and belonging

Bury (release and say good-bye to these):

  • core scene of your power struggle
  • destructive habitual patterns
  • feeling sorry for yourself
  • silently suffering
  • feeling responsible for others
  • people cosigning on your misery
  • chronic busyness
  • exhaustion as a status symbol

I provide virtual coaching sessions via phone or Zoom (or in-person in Hawai’i) for couples. I aim to help you heal relationships and realign with your true nature and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Move from the realms of suffering, rigidity, and apathy to the realms of resilience, compassion, and service.

Coaching sessions hold you accountable from the comfort of your own home and are an effective way to transform the quality of your life and the world around you…

Join me for a one-on-one laser coaching session, to gain a moment of clarity and to see if we’re a good fit. Click this link:

Or email or call me directly to explore the possibilities:

[email protected] | 808-936-3733

I also offer groups, in-person intensives, and retreats.

My new offering is as a Wedding Officiant so if you or someone you know is looking for an extraordinary relationship and an amazing wedding ceremony here in Hawaii, contact me and we will heart-storm the possibilities, together. 808-936-3733.


“As I’m sitting here, I’m experiencing a deep sense of gratitude for the growth that we have experienced as individuals and as partners since our time working with you. Your message made me reflect back on that time, and on the time since our last meeting…and I can honestly say that I feel that we have been able to utilize many of the skills and tools that you shared with us to help us in cultivating the space between, our relationship garden. We have been more intentional about holding space for ourselves and our relationship, and more time for meditation and self awareness.” male partner in relationship coaching

Amy is a powerful life coach that will help you laser in with love to the things that matter most. She will help you tenderize your heart and lead you on a path to embodying the powerful being of light you were meant to be. If you are ready to shed your old patterns and do the work, she is the guide and teacher you have been looking for. – ML

Virtual sessions work: just as the internet transfers information instantly & love travels at the speed of thought.

Specific areas of expertise:

  • advocating for self compassion and skillful means with others to enhance ALL relationships
  • living wholeheartedly in recovery from addictions, drains of dominant culture, and/or energetic exits in life
  • realizing rewarding relationships with respect, understanding, empathy and validation
  • considering contemplative practices of breath work, yoga and meditation to facilitate wellbeing

Through skills building around:

  • assertive communication
  • non-violent communication
  • intentional dialogue
  • non-verbal communication
  • enhanced intimacy (in-to-me-see)
  • holistic wellbeing—looking at the bigger picture of where you want to be and taking measurable steps to get there
  • engaging with the natural world to refill your reservoirs of sanity and deepen your soul’s connection to Spirit

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I listen with a keen ear, an open-mind, and a caring heart.

I can help by embodying compassion & cutting through chaos;

by shining light on where your true responsibility lies.

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