Healing Rage in Relationships

Power in Partnership

Interview with Ruth King,

of Mindful of Race Institute

Moonshot Magic Panel Interview


Watch the Moonshot Magic panel interview with leading experts on extraordinary living. Let’s go straight for the love, declare our moonshot, and feel the magic unfurl.  

Are you willing to view pressure as the energy of change vs. something to wrestle with? Listen to Aimee explore this. Learn more about Aimee.

Are you prepared to go straight for the love? Listen to Linda dive into her story of resiliency in her relationship. Learn more about Linda.

Are you ready for the level beyond happiness? Try santosha (contentment). Listen to Arielle describe it. Learn more about Arielle.

Soulful Couples Podcast

To celebrate the We in my life, I’m excited to offer up a delightful guest podcast, the Soulful Couples Podcast, from our 17th wedding anniversary on 5-25-19. Please enjoy this half hour of listening pleasure. 

Spirituality and Sexuality

Combine powerful psychological tools and spirituality with sexuality and boom!

As an experienced and gifted IMAGO certified coach and therapist, Amy Elizabeth integrates the academic, research-based wisdom with the spiritual to make a perfect fit for this topic. Do you know how to “tenderize your heart?” Amy Elizabeth tells us how!

Helen Hillix Intuitive Counselor

The Sex and Spirituality Summit Host [email protected]