Chillax & Relax

My poetic words today, 4/20/20:

when I wait for the world to be just so

in order to take a nice deep breath

I generate my own suffering.

when I wait for my husband to do the next inspiring action

in order to take a confident step forward in my passions

I am generating my own suffering.

when I expect others to behave just so

I hold them up to such a high bar that invariably,

I generate suffering for them, as well.

when I release the stones of resentment from my heart

my presence automatically gives us all permission 

to breathe sweetly.

when I tend to the wisdom of my heart

my relationships thrive

even in the midst of pandemic & pandemonium.

when I cut myself some slack

my perfectionistic sensitivities chillax

and I no longer bristle when I hear the word, “relax”

May it be so.

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