Healthy Family Communication Tips

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Did you know that when we communicate there are actually up to 4 conversations going on — simultaneously?

1. The one you think in your head.

2. The one you actually say.

3. The one the other person(s) hear(s).

4. The one you wish you had said.

One thing I’m particularly grateful for is getting through my mom’s recent death and entering the holiday season strong with healthy communication with family of origin and my in-laws.

Sure, it’s work, but it’s so flippin’ rewarding. It’s freeing to feel the lack of energy drain. To feel resourced. To put my head to the pillow at night without rehashing what he said, what I should have said, and second guessing myself and/or judging others.

It’s truly liberating. 

If you’d like some helpful tips (and lots of wonderful hyperlinks for resources), please check out this article by my fellow Imago colleague, Jeannie Ingram. 

Healthy Family Communication Tips

3 steps to relational health

Do you know that the story I tell myself about my life carries just as much weight as the vision I have for my life?

Life can feel heavy and burdensome, almost smothering, or supportive and steady like gravity. 

I can choose the later, I choose aloha (love & compassion) over pilikia (trouble of any kind). 

Today I align my story and my vision. And I regularly take the steps of commitment, compassion, and communication to optimize wellness in all my relationships.

No more woe is me, though there are still hard times. 

No more I can’t do it, though at times I feel alone (and I can’t do this gig called life alone). 

No more blaming or shaming others, cause when i do it, it doesn’t get me where I want to be. 

This is incredibly liberating and terrifying all at the same time! Given the hard times I’ve been through (and as BrenĂ© Brown says, we all come from hard times) I could spin a story of woe or tale of empowerment.

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, I choose Empowerment. Transparency. Authenticity.

Breaking free from negativity has been (and continues to be) the transformational journey of a lifetime. For example…

Addictive behaviors robbed my soul of the beauty of the present moment, I’m now nearly 25 years sober, knowing my recovery is a gift. 

My husband was married to another woman (GASP, I know!) when we first met in graduate school 22 years ago. We’re now nearly 17 years happily married, knowing we have transformed many challenges into opportunities for deep connection.  

In the past, I was a crazy, anxious, uptight woman, suffering a nervous breakdown in my early 20s. Now nearly 30 years as a practicing meditator, yogini, and lover of earth, I know that tenderness, power, and generosity are the fruits of my labor. 

My point in sharing all of this with you is to connect the dots. 

Me to you. My past to my present. Ordinary to extraordinary.

That’s what’s possible with relationship coaching:

Moving from ordinary to extraordinary. From negativity to connection. 

Extraordinary relationships require commitment, compassion, & communication and my coaching program explores these 3 steps to extraordinary living. 

Good news, I’m prepared to bring decades of experience to guide you on this journey and to offer aloha, accountability, and inspiration. See details below.

Jump in to surrender to the success of the moment, gain inspiration, learn skills to communicate more clearly and cultivate a compassionate heart. 

P.S. It really is true that relationships matter most. Think about it. Nothing really works in your life if your relationship has a negative charge. Take a stand for what matters most today.   

With warm Aloha ~ Amy 

You Matter. Your Relationships Matter. 

Introducing: Core Connections Coaching Program

Extraordinary relationships require these 3 steps: commitment, compassion & communication:

For 9 months, we dive deep into the realms of commitment, compassion, and communication as you birth your Tender-Hearted Self, enjoy greater connection, and live an extraordinary life. 

  •  Name negative behavior patterns to tame them
  •  Learn conflict is growth trying to happen


  • Declarations of desires and ways of being: what vision, by when
  • Key distinctions of extraordinary lives: starting with Trust, Focus, Repair, Faith


  • Contemplative exercises of yoga & meditation to cultivate awareness, acceptance, and compassion
  • Creative exercises to spark joy and energy in your life

Clear Communication:

  • Look at your styles of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Refresh skills around assertive, non-violent, and intentional dialogue

This program is for you if you’re ready to take their relational health to the next level.

We all live in a relational world and these tools will up-level the quality of your life and leave you resourced to live an extraordinary life.

Have you ever considered that how you do one thing is how you do everything?

This program will benefit all your relationships. You’re going to get the best of me.