how to enjoy relational health during transitions


If you’re anything like me, change feels like a series of speed bumps on the journey of life. If I’m going too fast through transition in my life, it is jarring, uncomfortable and downright discombobulating.

There is an alternative to racing through life. Cultivate awareness of allowing space for grace. Honoring your inner guidance system. Hibernating. Radically resting. Preparing for change (it’s inevitable).

Here are the distinctions of extraordinary living that show us how to maintain relational health in transition. Seeing them in a simple list helps keep it simple. 

1. trust yourself to no longer abandon yourself

2. focus on your own hula hoop (mind your own business)

3. repair your part in relationship breakdowns

4. have faith you are enough

5. clear your mind of stinkin’ thinkin’

6. open your heart to receive the love

7. rekindle your spirit to get resourced

8. energize your life

9. recognize your interdependence

10. own your responsibility

11. embrace generosity

12. raise your relational consciousness

Seasonal shifts, moon phases, stages of life — all these transitions deserve time and space to flow smoothly. Listen. And cultivate gratitude for those moments to simply be still and honor silence. 

​You matter. Your relationships matter.​

3 minutes of calm

Aloha Dear One,  

3 minutes of calm  

Take a seat. 

Feel gravity supporting you. Feeling yourself present in the moment with everything that’s going on swirling around you.

Take a moment to lower your gaze or close your eyes and just breathe in deeply, sweetly, allowing the belly to expand on the inhale. 

Pausing… thinking of all that has already transpired today, just let it settle. On the exhale releasing what’s no longer needed.

Take a deep sweet inhale in through the nose, resetting the nervous system pausing, thinking about all that remains in the day and settling, releasing, exhaling completely. And finally, breathing in sweetly, this moment right here right now.

Pausing, being here, noticing your noticing and releasing as you take this moment to pause, to breathe, and to reset. 

You are doing your future self a favor. You are doing everyone around you a favor. You are reconnecting to that place of stillness in the space between the thoughts. The gap between the actions and that moment of infinite possibility. This is the calm in the eye of the storm. The sweet spot in the middle of yesterday and tomorrow. That brings you into the eternal Now. Today, right here right now.

You sitting here, head over heart over hara: open-minded, open-hearted and willing to reset your own nervous system to pivot back toward calm and to shift the drift of all that swirling around. Even for a moment, even for a moment.

Right here. Right now.

Take a deep breath in
And a deep breath out.
Releasing the pinch within;
Releasing the grip. 

Finding the tender open heart  

Sending big Aloha, 


Relational health coaching guides you to access your tender heart.
Together, we regenerate landscapes, both internally and externally. 
You matter. Your relationships matter. 
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