My relationship with boundaries is defined by ebb and flow, yes and no, rise and fall.

You and me make we. Yet we are not me. And our collective trauma in the relational biosphere prompts climate change. The good news of global warming is we are melting the frozen energy of trauma stuck in our cells. We learn resilience by expressing an unguarded heart and offering unconditional love in our boundaries with others.

What becomes available to us when we relinquish a winner take all mentality?

Surrender to win?

A perforated armor lets the lungs expand. A pock-marked shield opens the guarded heart. An aerated dead-pan patch of soil allows nutrients to deepen and sustenance to grow. An open gate edified with structural supports builds shelter. An empty field sprinkled with stalwart sentinels creates shade from an unrelenting sunshine. A vast salty ocean peppered with islands of aloha provide ground.

My hurts | Our hurts.

Seamlessly the scars beautifully trace the border between you and me. And we nourish each other in the deeper knowing that this border has no border–it is fluid. This river of unconsciousness between us mingles with collaborative memories and individual sorrows–universal dreams and desires and the illusion of independent suffering. This river, complete with banks of order and chaos, rigidity and creativity–this is where we swim–we float–ideally face up–in sweet surrender to the flow.

Our haunts | My haunts.

The flow between yes and no, swell and slack, the king and neap tides of connection and intimacy. Dropping the armor of a protected heart brings true freedom from want and Presence. Our True Nature. Feel the aching haunt and squishy mystery. And the expansive quality of being tender. And more powerful than ever.

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