Chapter One: Trust

We all come from hard times. We all have a story to tell. Mine is about alcoholism, abuse, and awareness.

Mine leads me to discovering more fully the depths of resilience, compassion and service that are vital to living a life worth living. 

In these days of growing darkness and despair, I wish to fan the flame of light and love within you.

We can overcome addiction, racism, overwhelm. And we cannot do it alone in the broken structures of our dominant culture.

The first part of wellness is “we” and the first part of illness is “I”

That said, let us share our stories and cultivate wellness and inner peace in these trying times.  We can listen and imagine and create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 

Many of you have read my transformational memoir,

Moonshot: aim high, dive deep, live an extraordinary life. 

Do you want to hear me read Chapter One?


For those of you who haven’t, and want to get a teaser, listen to me read Chapter One: Trust.  Please click above for a heartfelt half-hour of the real, raw, vulnerable me. 

Those who want an audio version to take on your next walk outdoors, click here. (alas, I cannot get this link to work. If anyone wants to help me get audios set up in podcast form, I welcome the help.)

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The time is now to overcome our addiction to dominant culture and start to trust ourselves to no longer abandon ourselves. 

It’s time to quit playing small. Here’s to being stretchy and vulnerable, together, as a way of empowering ourselves and our societies. 


~ Amy Elizabeth 

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