Dive Deeper into Deep Listening

You can tell this beautiful creature is deeply listening. It is hard-wired for survival. To hunt food. To avoid danger. To survive.

When are, collectively, caught in a wave of survival presently. It takes a bit of focus and energy to remember to mask, to stay put at home, to care for loved ones without falling into overwhelm or despair.

We need our energy to survive, and dare I suggest, to thrive, even in these unimaginable times. So listen up, I’m here to help you have that energy needed to thrive. First things first, I give you permission to quit trying to fix anybody. Seriously. It is not your job. 

I give you permission to quit trying to do it all perfectly. It is impossible.

I give you permission to quit trying to focus when you are tired and not feeling 100%.

Every single person I talked to in the last week is experiencing some new level of overwhelm, tiredness or boredom.

And I talked with a lot of people.

Folks in certain parts of the world are cold…let us send warmth (I had a moment in the sun and sea and it warmed my soul to overflowing).

Folks are tired…let us send a good nightʻs sleep (I had one last night and today is markedly better than yesterday).

Folks are tired of the Groundhog-Day every day is the same scenario…let us send adventure and mystery in the power of our imagination to create a new reality.

So here is the ONE THING I’m nudging you to do today. Deeply listen. Listen to your own tender, beating heart. Listen to your pet purr with appreciation. Listen to your beloved share his or her experience in the moment. Don’t fix. Listen. Don’t exert. Be. Don’t succumb to the temptation to numb out. Be present with what is. 

You can handle it. Trust yourself to no longer abandon yourself. Focus on your own hula hoop. Stay in your own lane. And know, that by deeply listening, you are uplifting the world. 

Monthly Masterclass Series

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You Matter. Your relationships matter.

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