Here is a top-ten list complied by our family, Toby, Everett, Amy & Marc (TEAM) on 7/30/19. These are some of the golden threads that sustain our loving connection. Take what you can use and leave the rest behind.

1: Trust- Reliability, Safety, Respect, Freedom.

2: Communication- Being willing to express needs and wants, “Thank you for asking for what you want/need.”

3: Honesty- open to each other, don’t try to hide feelings, be respectful of each other’s ideas.

4: Meals- mealtime, weekend morning, no rush, kitchen becomes a place of gathering.

5: Nature- spend time outdoors, go on walks, take care of the earth.

6: Media-Free- device free at meals, and no screens on Sundays.

7: Spontaneous Getaways- spend time away from home, go on excursions together, and house-sit for friends.

8: Chore Day- one day a week we tackle household chores- kitchen deep clean, bathrooms, vacuum and mop, gardening. Daily chores (dishwasher, trash, recycling, compost, bed making, personal hygiene) assigned from an early age.

9: Car-free Days- a chance to relax and simply be.

10: Family meetings and meditation on a weekly basis.


  1. It feels sooo good to read these! Peace comes into my heart. This sounds like I would love to be part of it. I wanted a family like that. I thought we did a good job. After 30 years of marriage we divorced. Now everyone is taking up his life to live. I am dreaming of reuniting in a wonderful way, working together, everyone in his own profession, helping people medically and emotionally.

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