Upcoming Relational Coaching

Elements of Everyday Enlightenment, a 12-week virtual gathering

Our time together gathering in Amy’s Zoom Room will be uplifting, engaging, and energizing.

Details at a Glance:

Who: me and you and up to a dozen others.

What: learning, sharing, breathing, writing, embodying practices to support relational health.

Where: Zoom Room (link provided after enrollment)

When: 12 weeks. Sept. 26 – Dec. 14, 2022. 

Time: Wednesdays, 18:30 UTC (9:30am Hawaii)

Length: 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Cost: love offering (suggested $1200)

Why: Connection is vital to our wellbeing. 

Mark your calendars:

  1. September 28, 2022
  2. October 5, 2022
  3. October 12, 2022
  4. October 19, 2022
  5. October 26, 2022
  6. November 2, 2022
  7. November 9, 2022
  8. November 16, 2022
  9. November 23, 2022
  10. November 30, 2022
  11. December 7, 2022
  12. December 14, 2022

Time of Day:

Wednesdays at 9:30 – 10:45am Hawaii Time. click here for time zone converter


pay what you can love offering: suggested cost is $1200

this includes 3 private calls w/ Amy (if you desire)


Sign up by sending me an email to [email protected] with subject line: Gathering.

First 14 responses fill this group’s capacity. Feel free to invite your beloved or friend. They will need their own registration and their own Zoom square.

More juicy details

Gathering 1. Practice: Arriving Here. Distinction: trust. Element: sunrise

Gathering 2. Practice: Nurturing Sovereignty. Distinction: focus. Element: ocean

Gathering 3. Practice: Learning to Listen & Finding Forgiveness. Distinction: repair. Element: clouds

Gathering 4. Practice: Metabolizing Grief. Distinction: faith. Element: earth

Gathering 5. Practice: Eliminating Excess. Distinction: clarity. Element: air

Gathering 6. Practice: Releasing Resentments Distinction: openness. Element: fire

Gathering 7. Practice: Titrating Anxiety. Distinction: Reactivation. Element: water

Gathering 8. Practice: Pacing Oneself & Surviving Stillness. Distinction: energy. Element: moon

Gathering 9. Practice: Cultivating Serenity & Silence. Distinction: interdependence. Element: stars

Gathering 10. Practice: Embodying Enough. Distinction: Responsibility. Element: sunset

Gathering 11. Practice: Generating Gratitude. Distinction: generosity. Element: trees

Gathering 12. Practice: Celebrating Completion. Distinction: consciousness. Element: planet

These gatherings are live. Please commit to at least 10 of the 12 sessions. No recordings.

Who is Amy?

Facilitated by Amy Elizabeth Gordon, M.A., Licensed Imago Therapist & Relational Health Coach

Amy Elizabeth Gordon, founder of gig called life coaching, llc, is a published author, relationship doula and compassion activist. Through power in partnership, she thrives and lives an extraordinary life. 

Cutting through the chaotic and distracted energies of dominant culture, opening minds riddled with lack, and rekindling souls hungry for connection, Amy is a dedicated sober woman of integrity who sees her roles as wife, mother, daughter, coach, yogini, paddler, hula dancer, and fellow human being as an ever-expanding opportunity to heal the planet.

A lifelong student, Amy has spent several decades advocating for big compassion, healthy relationships, and holistic wellbeing. Her professional training includes a Master of Arts in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University, Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor, Certified Imago International Relationship Therapist, and Certified Parent Coach.

Additionally, Amy is a founding member of Hālau ʻŌhiʻa, a Stewardship Training program bridging indigenous lifeways and modern technology in a fruitful foundation for the future. 

As a relationship doula and relational health coach, she weaves the arc of connection of addiction recovery, relational healing and contemplative practice to cultivate maximum health with Self, Other and Spirit. She invites us to reimagine our relationships and dwell in our tender and powerful hearts in a way that is indeed miraculous.

Contact info: 808-936-3733

Your matter. 

Your relationships matter. 

Relationships Matter Most

Aloha Dear One,   

It’ been a minute since I last wrote. Over a month in fact. Did you notice? I’ve been traveling a bit again, all the while practicing radical rest and quality time to connect. Simultaneously.  Both active engagement and energetic exchanges of excellence as well as juicy solitude, rejuvenation and time to assimilate all that is going on around me. Life gets lifey (as my beloved Mary would say). And life right now is particularly LIFEY.  

Having time, energy, and ability to rest and connect are the fruits of my labor of cultivating the most extraordinary relationships possible with Self/Other/Spirit. I’m grateful. More blessings than I can say grace over. Rich beyond measure.  

And I’m headed to the mainland again, this time all the way to Maine to take Everett for his freshman year at Bowdoin College. I will be back to my fall schedule on Sept. 7. If you are desirous of a relational health tune-up, you make sense to me. It’s time to re-evaluate what matters most: relationships. We get to figure out how to interact (more lovingly) with others (and ourselves) in this changing world.   

Click here to schedule with me. 

I have a couple of openings for new clients and if you respond before September 7, I will offer you a special 3-hour deep dive initial session as part of our agreement ($1k value)! 

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a powerful interview that a beloved client just shared with me. It’s called “Reclaiming Aloha” and it speaks to me on so many levels and I hope it serves you as well. Please let me know what you get from it. 

There is no more valuable work than developing relationships — and — no more difficult work than maintaining them. 

Think of a relational health tune-up like going to the dentist. You know you need your teeth strong and healthy. You know you need your relationships with yourself and others strong and healthy. Let me know what support looks like. 

Your matter. Your relationships matter.  Warmly,Amy  

Simplify to Amplify


Aloha Dear One, 

Do you have a lot of ideas of how the world could be a better place?

Do you often wish others would behave differently?

Do you find this is a recipe for woe and a foundation for chronic disappointment?

One way to stop doing this, without lowering your standards, is to simplify to amplify. A coach taught me this years ago. And now I’m finally embracing it at a deeper level. 

My simplified message is this: We get to dwell in a playful heart.

From this place, it’s natural to 

  • Cherish connection.
  • Cultivate gratitude.
  • Count blessings.

When we reside here, relationships flourish, heal, and resource us. They also uplift the environment. We get to remember that relationships are the playground of the heart or the battleground of the ego.

We get to tend to what matters most and weed out the things we don’t want to grow, turn them into compost, and cultivate whole-hearted living.  

The heart is the home of heaven or hell here on earth. Joy or misery lands here. Peaceful expansion or painful contraction create our realities.

What if we choose

  • heaven
  • joy
  • peace
  • expansion
  • liberation

And from this, we amplify LOVING RELATIONS. 

What are you simplifying today? 

What are you amplifying today?

 Let me know.



How to Create Emotional Safety in Your Relationship


Guest blog by Imago Therapist Dana Cole:

Do you have “emotional safety zones” in your life?  

Emotional safety zones are relationships where you can express difficult emotions without fear of rejection. You may have experienced this with close family members, tight-knit friends, or even communities like churches, sangha, or group therapy. 

But perhaps the most important person you can share a safety zone with is your spouse or romantic partner. After all, they are the one person you must come home to at the end of the day — both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to interact in ways that make you and your partner feel anything but safe with each other.


HeartWise Relationship Webinars


Life feels pretty lifey right now so I focus on refueling my resilience reservoir. I’m seeing challenges as opportunities by refreshing trust, focus, repair skills and faith. My husband is leaving Tuesday to take Everett to the NE United States to look at colleges. And we just had a 2nd opinion with a surgeon about Everett’s liver tumor, the jury is still out on all of this. 

How about you? If you’re anything like me, you could list a bunch of things that could potentially drain you. Yet, like me, you are more invested in responding to life’s challenges as an opportunity for greater tenderness and strength. 

If you are looking to re-imagine greater resilience in all your relationships, join me next Tuesday, October 5th.  Teaching refills my reservoir, so please attend live if you can. I’m teaching a 45-minute webinar on Re-imagining Resilience with the HeartWise Relationship Webinars: Tools for Thriving Together. 

Below is a gift: a free link for you to check out my course and enjoy free access to the other 5 recorded courses.


Use the code: FALLINLOVE for free access 

From my tender heart to yours and with big love & tenderness,


p.s. A couple weeks ago, I attended Laurie Weiss’s webinar “What To Do When You Can’t Change Your Partner” and found it quite informative and profoundly simple. She offered a great way to reclaim your energy from triggering events. 

Here’s the link again to sign up for all the live webinars and recordings (including Laurie’s):




My relationship with boundaries is defined by ebb and flow, yes and no, rise and fall.

You and me make we. Yet we are not me. And our collective trauma in the relational biosphere prompts climate change. The good news of global warming is we are melting the frozen energy of trauma stuck in our cells. We learn resilience by expressing an unguarded heart and offering unconditional love in our boundaries with others.

What becomes available to us when we relinquish a winner take all mentality?

Surrender to win?

A perforated armor lets the lungs expand. A pock-marked shield opens the guarded heart. An aerated dead-pan patch of soil allows nutrients to deepen and sustenance to grow. An open gate edified with structural supports builds shelter. An empty field sprinkled with stalwart sentinels creates shade from an unrelenting sunshine. A vast salty ocean peppered with islands of aloha provide ground.

My hurts | Our hurts.

Seamlessly the scars beautifully trace the border between you and me. And we nourish each other in the deeper knowing that this border has no border–it is fluid. This river of unconsciousness between us mingles with collaborative memories and individual sorrows–universal dreams and desires and the illusion of independent suffering. This river, complete with banks of order and chaos, rigidity and creativity–this is where we swim–we float–ideally face up–in sweet surrender to the flow.

Our haunts | My haunts.

The flow between yes and no, swell and slack, the king and neap tides of connection and intimacy. Dropping the armor of a protected heart brings true freedom from want and Presence. Our True Nature. Feel the aching haunt and squishy mystery. And the expansive quality of being tender. And more powerful than ever.