Dive Deeper into Deep Listening

You can tell this beautiful creature is deeply listening. It is hard-wired for survival. To hunt food. To avoid danger. To survive.

When are, collectively, caught in a wave of survival presently. It takes a bit of focus and energy to remember to mask, to stay put at home, to care for loved ones without falling into overwhelm or despair.

We need our energy to survive, and dare I suggest, to thrive, even in these unimaginable times. So listen up, I’m here to help you have that energy needed to thrive. First things first, I give you permission to quit trying to fix anybody. Seriously. It is not your job. 

I give you permission to quit trying to do it all perfectly. It is impossible.

I give you permission to quit trying to focus when you are tired and not feeling 100%.

Every single person I talked to in the last week is experiencing some new level of overwhelm, tiredness or boredom.

And I talked with a lot of people.

Folks in certain parts of the world are cold…let us send warmth (I had a moment in the sun and sea and it warmed my soul to overflowing).

Folks are tired…let us send a good nightʻs sleep (I had one last night and today is markedly better than yesterday).

Folks are tired of the Groundhog-Day every day is the same scenario…let us send adventure and mystery in the power of our imagination to create a new reality.

So here is the ONE THING I’m nudging you to do today. Deeply listen. Listen to your own tender, beating heart. Listen to your pet purr with appreciation. Listen to your beloved share his or her experience in the moment. Don’t fix. Listen. Don’t exert. Be. Don’t succumb to the temptation to numb out. Be present with what is. 

You can handle it. Trust yourself to no longer abandon yourself. Focus on your own hula hoop. Stay in your own lane. And know, that by deeply listening, you are uplifting the world. 

Monthly Masterclass Series

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You Matter. Your relationships matter.

Love Letter to Your True Self


I invite you right now, to write a love letter to your true self. Even if you happened to do this writing exercise last month, do it again. Let it be fresh.

Simply pause, whatever you’re doing, and drop out of your busy, busy, busy mind. In this busy mind palace you can surrender. No longer trying to rearrange all the furniture, you can quit trying to manage all its contents. Drop the remodel.

Sit down, instead, and pull out a notebook. Pick up a pen and write.

Dear Beloved,

Grateful to come home to myself again, and again, with tenderness and compassion, I touch and caress this skin on my arms, I say thank you to my arms for hugging all those you have hugged and being willing to embrace the embrace.

Tickling my armpits, I smile at the hair that grows here during these pandemic times. Thank you for wicking away the toxins. Thank you for turning me away from the public standard of beauty and tuning into my true self.

Smoothing the wrinkles on my forehead, I appreciate the laugh lines around my eyes. And on my cheeks. I remember all the good times that have transpired. And I look forward to tomorrow.

Patting my soft belly, my tender emotional brain, I greet the real, raw, and vulnerable me who has been craving oatmeal cookies for days.

As I succumb to the crumb, I allow the sweetness of my son’s girlfriend kind gesture to fill me, here, in this vulnerable tender belly. This sacred space that is void of guilt and shame and simply delights in the delicious sweetness of her spontaneous plate of cookies.

Arriving at my doorstep, I receive the sweetness I’ve craved.

I smile into my eyes as I look in the mirror and send healing vibes to this sty in my right eye.

I apply a tender moist heat. This compress of understanding of all the horror that I have seen, and all the beauty that I have soaked in through these rods and cones. A direct circuit to my brain. And I pray for more sunrises and sunsets, smiles and sorrows.

Thank you, eyes, for giving me the experience of a more beautiful way of being in my body.

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Here’s some helpful definitions to keep in mind:·       
Moonshot: We put our thinking minds to work and create the life we desire. We can commitment to something extraordinary by declaring what we will do and when we will do. Think effort.·       
Magic: When we are constantly striving, we create a life of strife. We must surrender to win and invite magic. Ask for support from something greater than yourself; inviting ease, flow and grace. Feel ease.  ·       
Movement: When we want change, it is important to connect with others on a similar path of transformation. Enjoy the benefits of an alchemical mix and energetic exchange of excellence. Know belonging. 

Monthly membership is the best way to get the my offerings at an affordable rate. Recordings of the monthly masterclass are available if you can’t make the noon Pacific time on the 3rd Friday of every month.Membership also includes Q & A office hours with Amy E, and special rates to online and in person retreats and much more…

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This is spiritual work, but the spiritual life is not a theory, we have to live it. It requires both work (Moonshot) and faith (Magic). It’s the both/and. Together, we rise to a new vibration of living, beyond petty frustrations and sleepless nights. We go beyond surviving and we enjoy thriving.

I’m honored to support you on this journey of the heart. 

With warm Aloha, Amy E 

trust yourself first


Trust yourself to no longer abandon yourself. This is foundational. This really is an invitation to an extraordinary life.

So what exactly gets in the way of this extraordinary life? Pests. Erosion. Termites erode the foundation. Termites like mistrust, fear, and reactivity eat away at trust and erode the integrity of the foundation of our relationships.

For example, mistrust happens when social contracts are broken and neglected. You must heal your agreements with others, and start by trusting yourself first.

Lack of safety habitually haunts those of us familiar with traumatic events, thereby leading to exaggerated startle responses and over-reactive nervous systems create an uptight experience of the chapters of life.

3 things we can do

  1. We can learn to calm ourselves down in stressful situations.

2. We can, indeed, break the spells that bind us.

3. And we can rewrite the ending to this chapter of our lives.

pause. breathe. reset.

As I’m sitting here, I’m experiencing gratitude for my practice of Pause. Breathe. Reset. I’m so relieved to relax more fully into my tender heart. Even though it can seem scary as hell to not defend against the pain and suffering of the world.

And I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve learned on this extraordinary journey of resilience, compassion and service. I’m poised to share insights from my own addiction recovery, relational healing and contemplative practice.

Here are some touchstones of what we can do to trust more fully:

touchstones to trust

Be the prayer

Allow and commit to deep listening

Find your identity inside yourself

Be very honest, open, and straight with yourself

Learn compassionate self-control

Learn to contain your own energy

Cultivate inner contentment

If there is a choice, choose the positive

Identify your destiny and serve

Cultivate character, commitment, and grace

Balance yourself, so you don’t need to be compensated from the outside

Give up manipulation and control

When you want something , get clear, ask, be calm, and let it come

Develop a meditative mind to wait and see what comes to you

Receive what comes

Let go of what goes

Don’t chase after anything

Cultivate a tender heart of forgiveness

Develop a relationship with a working God that dwells and breathes within you

(thanks to Yogi Bhajan for inspiring these ideas)

here’s what’s next

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Tune in to the monthly variety show: what matters most in relational health on the 2nd Saturday of the month at noon Pacific Time. Check out the emails for the most current Zoom link.

Join me in my Relational Health Masterclass Series starting next week. watch email for details and further inspiration.

let me know what landed for you…and why…email me at [email protected]

cross divides, break silence

Incompatibility, bridging differences

We gotta talk. We get to talk about race. We need to have the painful conversations and heed the call to action for the truth to rise to the top. 

Dwelling in the spirit of solidarity, empathy and understanding, we are coming together, sharing our stories, and exploring what matter most: relational health.

In my transformational memoir, Moonshot: aim high, dive deep, live an extraordinary life, I get real with my experience of growing up American. Here I’m taking a brave leap to share a few painful blinks from my personal history. Once again, this is real, raw, vulnerable. Caveat.

I grew up in America, in the South, wallowing in the soup of an us/them mentality. I didn’t understand this mentality of inequality. And I never felt a sense of belonging.

At the age of 15, I was raped by a skinhead; a white supremacist. This event marked the loss of my virginity, my innocence. Based on the religion of my upbringing, I feared I was going to hell. 

At the age of 16, while seriously drunk, I walked alone in a neighborhood, and I was assaulted by 5 black men; my head cracked open with a lead pipe or tire iron, I know not what. I fumbled, bled, escaped. Fortunately, I went to the hospital for treatment, stitches and concussion protocol. 

At the age of 18, I lived in the student ghetto in Gainesville and was robbed by a black man who sold my bike for crack. I yelled to him, “Excuse me sir, that’s my bike,” I protested, futilely, all-the-while addressing the inherent worth and dignity in every human being, in this man (hence the term, “sir.”)

Here’s the most painful part: In each instance of trauma, abuse and violation, I blamed myself. Ouch. I never pressed charges. I never trusted the system. I never trusted myself. 

Even when I knew the perpetrator/the rapist/the skinhead. I knew his name, where he lived; I still kept quiet. I didn’t seek support. Even with a line-up of other criminals, I couldn’t trust the system to provide justice. I didn’t seek support. Even with

The American Dominant Culture impacts lives. I suffered trauma and I thought it was karma. For years I warped spiritual principles into a savvy and sophisticated intellectualized approach toward overcoming these transgressions. That’s a fancy way of saying, I blamed myself. No more.

  • Have you ever felt you need to keep the silence and suffer? 
  • Have you ever felt outrage at the lack of equality and empathy in our dominant culture?
  • Have you ever felt that the true essence of power (self-sovereignty) is needed now more that ever?

What can you do? Trust yourself to no longer abandon yourself. Be the silence breaker. Lean into the difficult conversations and be the change you wish to see in the world. 

CALL TO ACTION: Seek support. Know belonging. Cultivate resilience.

My journey of recovery and transformation began 30 years ago, and continues to this day. I realized I no longer needed to keep the silence and suffer. I needed, and continue to need, spiritual help.

I ask you to gather with me on the second Saturday of the month, to breathe, to engage in the ritual of building an altar of awareness, to celebrate personal Moonshots and release what is no longer needed. 

This month, January 9th of the new year of 2021, the theme is TRUST.

Variety Show with Amy E ZOOM ROOM starts on at noon Pacific Time.

  • We will engage in a short ritual of connection and conscious breath-work
  • We will invite a few moments to celebrate being alive and become fully embodied with laughter yoga
  • We will explore the power of Moonshot Magic, through declaring our intentions and acknowledging a power greater than ourselves, and continue releasing the pinch of Dominant Culture 
  • We will entertain special guests to explore what matters most in relational health with greater ease, joy and earnestness.

Together, we rise.  

You Matter. Your Relationships Matter.