Daily Tender Job Description

Appendix II from my transformational memoir

Moonshot: aim high, dive deep, live an extraordinary life

Daily Tender Job Description by Amy Elizabeth Gordon MA

Daily Tender is a simple position of ultimate and radical self-care. It’s a call to action in these unimaginable times. Here’s a quick list of the duties, responsibilities and privileges of this enlightened role.

  • Smile upon awakening.
  • Give thanks for this moment.
  • Stretch and massage. Make love, alone or with beloved.
  • Make the bed.
  • Relieve self of what is no longer needed by tapping into Source.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Dry skin brush and cold shower — most mornings.
  • Practice Yoga, daily.
  • Breathe, consciously, while the hot water in the tea kettle boils.
  • Meditate.
  • Consume yummy food and lots of love and hugs.
  • Tidy the kitchen.
  • Chore day Sunday.
  • Assemble hydration station every morning for tea, coffee, water.
  • Water garden (literally and figuratively).
  • Express thanks. Often.
  • Chant. Buddhist prayers, yoga prayers, Hawaiʻi prayers.
  • Sweep the floor, removing the dust of yesterday.
  • Exercise outdoors.
  • Exhibit discipline around tech. Adopt fairly strict media diet.
  • Write, create, make a mess.
  • Switch from the mentality of performance driven living of Do, Be, Have, to a new emphasis on ways of being with: Be, Do, Have.
  • Keep appointments with people. Be timely.
  • Coach and be coached.
  • Invest in wellbeing.
  • Cherish time with family.
  • Stop when triggered, drop what I’m doing, and breathe.
  • Deeply breathe.
  • Clean up my side of the street and set right wrongs I’ve made.
  • Allow space for grace to enter in a way that is indeed miraculous.
  • Express thanks. Yes, again.
  • Read inspiring words.
  • Play. Dance. Laugh: pepper these throughout the day.
  • Connect with friends on Wednesday, We-day, if not more often.
  • Surrender to what is.

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  1. Thank you, dear Amy, you are a deep well of inspiration, practical tips, and generous sharing. Thank you for the uplift 🤗💃

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